Where time stands still, these decadent hoops are an ode The Abbey of San Fruttuoso di Camogli on the Ligurian coast - accessible only by boat or foot path through the mountains.

The abbey is whispered to have been a pirates’ den in a past century. Designed as golden treasure unearthed from the abbey, these earrings are the result of ‘cire perdue’ - an ancient process where the hoops are sculpted in wax before being cast in sterling silver or solid gold. Designed to boast an extravagant past while appearing fractured and molten from years of wear, these glossy fragments beg us to tell a tale as unique as their own.

Handmade in Vancouver from 24K gold vermeil (which is 3 microns thick of 24K gold plated sterling silver).


  • Earrings measure 2.5cm in length.

  • Earrings measure 0.8cm in width.

  • Earrings measure approx. 0.1cm in thickness.

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